Project Title Development of hybrid wet compression molding-based trunk lid mass production technology
Total Execution Period 2017.10.01. ~ 2022.06.30
Total Project Cost ₩5,363,200,000
Development Goal To meet the demand for lightweight automobiles, we developed integrated trunk lid part technology using a high-speed molding fusion process of WCM (Wet Compression Molding) and C-SMC (Sheet Molding Compound).
Development Content □ WCM (Wet Compression Molding) developed mold and molding process technology.
□ Development of preform mold and molding process technology
□ Integrated trunk lid mold development and molding process technology applied with hybrid WCM method
□ Development of trunk lid post-processing technology
□ Development of trunk lid surface treatment technology for Class A vehicles

Development Performance

• Technology development for trunk lid outer preform molding

[Trunk Lid Outer Preform]

• Development of outer WCM molding technology for trunk lids

[WCM 공법적용 Trunk Lid Outer]

• Development of inner/outer integral trunk lid molding technology

[Complete Trunk Lid Assy]