Project Title Development of multi-material integration technology for a 40% weight reduction in the front body of an automobile compared to standard steel
Total Execution Period 2016.07.01 ~ 2021.06.30
Total Project Cost ₩10,005,340,000
Development Goal To meet the demand for lightweight automobiles, the development of multi-material front body integration technology using ultra-high strength steel, aluminum alloy, and CFRP.
Development Content □ 1.8GPA class hot stamping molding technology and componentization technology development
□ RTM (Resin Transfer Molding) process technology and CFRP part technology development
□ Front body assembly technology development using heterogeneous material bonding technology

Development Performance

• Hot stamping molding technology of 1.8GPA class

[1 .8GPa급 Side Member Upper]

• Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) process technology

[CFRP Wheel House Panel]

• Multi-material Front Body Assy

[Complete Trunk Lid Assy]